2023—Six-foot Wingspan

The Northern Gannet is a large, pelagic seabird with a six-foot wingspan. In spring, Northern Gannets congregate in huge colonies on rocky cliffs to nest. I just returned from Cape St. Mary’s in Newfoundland, Canada where tens of thousands are on nests, most on Bird Rock and the surrounding cliffs. The weather varied from rainy to foggy to sunny, but during most of our visit last week, fog engulfed us and the birds. This was my second visit to Cape St. Mary’s. The Pandemic prevented a return visit for four years but the wait was worth it and it was a spectacular week for bird photography. Not only were Gannets on nests, but Black-footed Kittiwakes, Common Murres, and Razorbills found space on the sheer cliffs to nest as well. It was too early for hatchlings but there eggs in nests and lots of courting activity. An adult Northern Gannet soars over the Atlantic Ocean heading to its mate on Bird Rock.

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