2023—Mission to Save Golden Eagles

The California Foundation for Birds of Prey (CFBP) has changed its name and its focus. It is now the Bird of Prey Health Group and one of BPHG’s primary missions is to save Golden Eagles. I volunteered with CFBP for many years and the Meet and Greet at the new BPHG a couple of days ago recharged my interest in the organization and its mission. The Meet and Greet featured Tesla, a Golden Eagle who has appeared a few times in this blog over the years. She got her name because she was electrocuted after landing on power lines and lost toes on one foot. She has been an education bird for many years. One of the most challenging issues the BPHG faces now is rehabilitation and release to the wild of juvenile Golden Eagles that have been injured. Rehabilitation and release strategies for Golden Eagles, that are solitary birds, versus Bald Eagles that congregate in large numbers, are very different. Golden Eagles present a unique challenge so in partnership with West Coast Falconry, BPHG has developed a strategy for rehabilitation that includes a program that will train volunteers to assist in its release efforts. I’m hoping to volunteer my time to the effort.

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