2023— A Rousing Start

What a rousing start to our week in Texas at Bolivar Flats! An American Golden-plover rouses its feathers on the beach as if to illustrate the rousing start of our first morning. We began with a Yellow-crowned Night Heron that strolled past our vehicle by the sea grass at the edge of the beach. The heron was unconcerned with our presence and continued its steady stroll so we had to keep moving our panning plates to stay in front of it. When it finally disappeared behind the dunes, we turned our attention to the shorebirds at the edge of the water. There were a few Terns, Brown Pelicans, Willets, and Ruddy Turnstones by the edge of the water as well as small Sanderlings racing against the waves as usual. Then we noticed a Black-bellied Plover and an American Golden-plover coming into their breeding plumage and strolling right up to us. A couple of hours whizzed by before we knew it. What was great for us was that vehicles are allowed on the beach there so we parked on the beach close to where we were shooting. More importantly, the shorebirds appear to have adapted to the presence of vehicles and humans close to them. A couple of Texas beach clean up crews passed by in large vehicles collecting trash and picking up debris on the beach. The birds were unfazed. What fun!