2023—Reflecting on Avocets

Each day so far at Bolivar Flats has been unique in many ways. On Wednesday, we drove onto the beach further north than on our other visits so that we could access a part of the beach that beckoned us but was impossible to reach because Beacon Bayou, which flows into the Gulf, bisects Bolivar Flats. We went there expecting to find several species of terns to photograph. Instead, we were delighted to find dozens, even more, American Avocets, many in breeding plumage like this bird. They were chasing tiny fish that were washing into the creek as the waves and tide pushed them and then flowed out again. The Avocets worked their way through the shallow water, swishing their heads back and forth to stir up any small morsels. Then they would suddenly lift off, almost simultaneously, land at the mouth of the creek, and begin working their way up stream again. We followed them, at first shooting from tripods, then plunking our bodies down onto the sand and beach panning for almost an hour and a half until the light became a little too harsh.

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