My obsession with photographing hummingbirds has been revived because of a new plant in the spring garden. The female Anna’s Hummingbird seems obsessed with the Blue Lithodora, visiting often and staying long enough that I’m able to get to my camera when I notice her and get quite a few shots while she’s there. It is fascinating to watch her because she examines blossoms all around the plant, often perching on the edge of the metal basket rim while sipping nectar from the blossoms on the edges. She even grasps the petals with her feet as she hovers over the plant, something I have never seen a hummer do. The blue background that matches the blue in the flowers is a cobalt blue pot directly behind the basket of Lithodora. When she’s not feeding on the left side of the pot so the background dissolves into the muted green of the shrubs in the distance, the blue pot creates an interesting backdrop.

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