2202—Who’s Shoveling Snow in Yellowstone?

Well, that would be me! And yet another couple of firsts for me! Shoveling snow and shoveling snow in Yellowstone National Park! How many people can say they’ve shoveled snow there?

The day started with sun and few clouds and a temperature in the Lamar Valley somewhere between 11 and 17 degrees Farenheit. While searching for the Red Fox known to frequent a meadow in the Lamar Valley, we instead found a woman shoveling snow in a turnout across from the meadow.  At first we thought she was a park employee. When we drove by Moose  offered to help her shovel the snow and she accepted. We found out she was not a park employee at all.  She is a park guide and photographer based in Gardner just outside the park. She told us she had been clearing that turnout of snow for several years just as a volunteer. 

Moose and Richard took turns shoveling and after watching and seeing that it was powder,  I figured I could help too.   Moose showed me the proper way to shovel snow, something I had never done. Richard took my photo above and the video below to prove that I actually did it. Eric spelled me for a while then I finished the main pile while Richard and Moose cleared the edge of the road. Shoveling snow in Yellowstone National Park is one activity I have never imagined in my wildest dreams, let alone actually doing it. We had a lot of fun, got some exercise, and helped out someone who was also contributing to the welfare of Yellowstone National Park. The guide, Deby Dixon of Yellowstone Wild World was a delight and her knowledge of the critters in the park was helpful. We were glad to help out a new friend.   

Our Group: From left: Richard, me, Sharon, Moose, Mark, Bob, Taylor, and Eric. Photo by Deby Dixon.