One of the easiest ways to identify a Turkey Vulture in flight is to look at its flight pattern. Turkey Vultures hold their wings in a slight v-shape, known as a dihedral, and teeter slightly from side to side as they soar and circle. They have excellent eye sight and an extraordinary sense of smell so they can sense carrion from long distances. If you see a group of Turkey Vultures circling in the sky, they are homing in on a potential meal. According to The Nature Conservancy, a group of vultures circling is called a Kettle of Vultures. If they land in a tree, they are called a Committee. But when they feed on carrion (i.e., dead animals) they become a Wake of Vultures. How appropriate. This Turkey Vulture was part of a Kettle circling over a dead carp on the shores of the American River last week and was circling down to join the Wake.