2022—Coyote Ecstasy

We’re off to a great start in Yellowstone. Our first day was filled with snow, cold, and critters! We started the morning with Pronghorn and Elk in the snow. In the afternoon, we saw what remained of a bull Elk that appeared to be frozen in place in the Lamar River. Its carcass had been picked apart but one huge antler identified the unfortunate beast. Several Coyotes were feasting on the carcass along with a flock of Black-billed Magpies. A trio of River Otters slinked in and out of the water nearby eyeing the prize but were too unsure of themselves to approach. As the Coyotes finished their meal, they would roll in the snow near the remains, rubbing their bloody snout to clean it off. They seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as they wallowed in ecstasy, then they returned to the carcass to gnaw on it some more.