2022—A Different Fall in Yellowstone

Things are different in Yellowstone National Park this fall. In June of this year, catastrophic flooding swept through the park damaging roads and bridges. The northern parts of Yellowstone were affected most and the North entrance was closed to visitors until just a few days ago. Access to the park through the North entrance is still restricted and limited to park workers, construction workers, and a select few guides (including Moose) in a strict and choreographed entrance process. Leaving the park is also restricted to a brief window of time. If you miss the window either entering or exiting the park, it’s a several hour drive to another entrance. Rebuilding is a priority and significant progress has been made on restoring the roads and park access. And, the devastation to the park has resulted in significantly decreased visitation so wildlife in the park is thriving. Tuesday was our first day in the park. There were few cars on the roads and the popular sites were not crowded. When we saw a small band of Mule Deer does and fawns grazing on a hillside at the side of the road, we pulled off to photograph them. They were curious but not disturbed by our presence. The morning light behind them warmed the scene.

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