2022—Mr. Anna

I call him Mr. Anna. He has claimed my garden, this male Anna’s Hummingbird. If I walk out onto the patio, even if it is only to check the status of the hummingbird feeders or the fountains, he announces his presence with his squeaky call or his decisive single chirp. Once I locate him and say a few words, he flies to another branch and calls again. I think of it as a game. I’m sure he doesn’t but I can usually find where he’s perched because of his voice. Sometimes he’ll stay put long enough for me to go inside and retrieve my camera. It’s usually ready, setting on the table so it only takes a few seconds to get it. It is fascinating to me to watch him as he sways slightly on the wispy branches. Depending on the time of day, his eyes will get heavy and close for a few seconds even though he tries to keep an eye on me.