2022—Another Look at the Snakebird

The Australian Darter, or Snake-bird, is a large bird that swims with its body submerged and only its head and snakelike neck above water. After drenching itself with its underwater swim, it dries its feathers while perched on a stump or rock so that it can once again soar above the water. It’s a fascinating bird, much like a Cormorant but with a sharp, pointed bill with which it impales its food. We spent some time with this specimen on the edge of the Sydney Royal Botanic Garden recently while it dried its wing feathers. Its snakelike neck is quite apparent in this image, as it seems to have a corkscrew-like bend.

One thought on “2022—Another Look at the Snakebird

  1. Hi Carole I’ve been keeping up with your trip to Australia from your post. Must have been a great great trip. This snake bird looks like it dancing. How are you and are you home yet. Our Yellowstone trip is coming up. I thought I would reach out to you and say HI. Did you plan your air flight yet to Montana?

    When you have time give me a call just to catch up, nothing important and no rush. My family is coming in on Thursday, Oct 13 for our mother’s memorial service on Saturday, October 15. Yes it is pretty close to the time we leave for Yellowstone. I’m packing for the trip this weekend so that will be out of the way. Any tips for the camera equipment? Just curious and just lots going on here besides packing.
    Does Moose do any night shooting?
    Ok, that is all for now………Take Care and your images were awesome, so much detail in the birds.

    Yvonne Carter
    925 584 1786. cell phone

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