2022—Tried and True

Sometimes you have to fall back on those tried and true practices to accomplish something you want to accomplish. After a day and a half of finding almost none of the shore birds we came to Plymouth, Massachussetts to photograph, we needed to do something. The types and numbers of various species of shore birds reported as eBird sightings at the many beaches and marshes are not at all what we’re seeing here. To make things even more frustrating, access to beaches named in these reports has been practically impossible. It was time to take action to improve the odds. And, what has proven time and time again to assure bird and wildlife sightings? Ice Cream! Late Tuesday afternoon, as the skies darkened and clouds of the impending storm began to gather, we stopped at Shipwreck Ice Cream. in Sandwich, MA. Within the hour, Moose found a marsh that was not listed as a place for bird sighting, the Sandwich Boardwalk. The parking lot was almost empty at 5PM. The boardwalk itself was crowded with kids jumping off into the marsh so we sat on a concrete curb and watched and waited. An Osprey flew over. Terns, Gulls, and Cormorants bobbed on buoys. And the shore birds began to arrive. Just a few small groups, but there they were. Within an hour, we saw Least Sandpipers, Pectoral Sandpipers, Baird’s Sandpipers, Short-billed Dowagers, some flying overhead and landing in the marsh grasses across the water. But lots landed fifteen feet away from us. Like this juvenile Least Sandpiper. Once again, no need to reinvent the wheel. The tried and true method guarantees results!

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