The unrelenting heatwave continues to decimate what remains of my lawn (I have long since stopped watering my front lawn due to the severity of the drought here). My Rube Goldberg version of a drip sprinkler system that provides hydration to the plants in baskets and pots on my patio allows a few survivors that provide sustenous to the Hummingbirds and various species of Bees. Sadly, though, I have lost several of the flowering plants in hanging baskets because of my faulty drip installations in some of the baskets so when I returned from a few days away in the midst of the 100° plus temperatures at home, I was happy to see that there were some survivors. The California Fuchsia, the current favorite of the hummers, is in full bloom with its silvery foliage and bright orange trumpets. The colorful Lantana, a carryover from last year, continues to flower. And one of my many varieties of Purple Salvia is also in full bloom and attracts both hummers and bees. I’m torn about when to replace the dead plants with predictions for the coming couple of weeks at 100°+ for much of the time. At least I can enjoy the color that does remain in the yard and for now there is still enough to satisfy the birds and the bees so I think I’ll put it off until the high temperatures start coming down.