2022—Bobo Update

Bobo, my 36 year old Red-lored Amazon Parrot, has been under the weather for a week. I was so concerned, I took her to the Roseville Bird and Pet Clinic where she spent two nights and three days of tests including an X-ray under sedation. I brought her home yesterday afternoon and now am continuing her treatment of two twice daily oral medications for two weeks. Both she and I are thrilled that she is home. She has improved significantly and is eating and much perkier than she has been for some time although she still is not back to normal. I’m thrilled that she is eating and seems to be wanting to return to her regular routine. Although I’ve had her for twenty years and have worked with her on positive reenforcement training, she is still not a bird that chooses to be handled by humans. She will step up onto my hand when, and only when, it is in her best interest. When she came home yesterday, she eagerly stepped up to get out of her travel cage and return to her big cage. But, once out, it was hands off so the toweling for meds was not fun for either of us. In this shot, she was touching the target stick that I use for her positive reinforcement training. She touches the stick and she gets an almond sliver treat. Under usual circumstances, I’m holding the target stick, she touches it and I hand her the treat. In this shot, she was so happy to get home, she raced out onto the table and grabbed onto the target stick protruding from the jar holding her almond treats. Touching it was not necessary as the jar was open for her to get treats as she wished. I like to think that she wanted me to give her a treat which I was happy to do.

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