2022—Yellow-Green Color Palette

In yesterday’s post, I implied that male Painted Buntings take all the glory when it comes to a color palette and that females of the species are drab. The males may get more attention, but the yellow-green color palette that female Painted Buntings display is every bit as appealing and as colorful. They are not drab; the colors of their feathers are just not as varied. Like so many bird species, the males and females have such different coloring that in some cases, they seem not to be the same species. I would never have dreamed that these two birds were the same species if it weren’t for The Sibley Guide to Birds. I didn’t mean to give short shrift to female Painted Buntings. This lovely gal poses for her portrait as she waits her turn to plunge into the water for an afternoon bath in South Texas last May.