2021—Shooting from the Doorway

Smoke from the seemingly countless wildfires raging throughout Northern California right now has permeated every cubic inch of air around my home. But the smoke creates a filter of sorts and softens the light and keeps the direct sun from striking the flowers in my garden. I have taken to setting my Nikon D6 with the Nikkor 500mmPF lens on my kitchen table with the patio door ajar. So yesterday morning, with smoke in the air and with coffee in one hand and my digital newspaper (something I am not yet used to reading) on my iPad, I enjoy my morning and still got the shot! I can shoot from the doorway without intruding on the birds outside. My most popular flower is the native California Fuchsia which is attractive to the Anna’s Hummingbirds and just plain attractive. This female Anna’s sampled almost every blossom so I had lots of time to capture her feeding.

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