2021—Unexpected Reflection

Monument Valley is a dry, dusty place. Monsoon season changes everything. The night before I took this shot, rain had inundated the region and there were extensive flash flood warnings. The day after the storms, we went into Monument Valley with our Navajo guide Amory. At one point, the road was completely flooded. Maneuvering around the giant puddle was quite a challenge and so unexpected because it is normally so dry and dusty there. When we came across the flooded road again as we were driving out, Amory stopped. got out, walked forward and took a few shots with his iPhone. When he showed us what he took, we all scrambled out of the back of the open pick up truck and took the same shot. It was absolutely necessary to crouch down low so that the reflection of Merrick Butte was in the shot; otherwise it was just ripples. I had to hand it to Amory because his photography skills with an iPhone far surpassed mine. He told us that he spends a lot of time waiting for people as he guides them and while he is waiting he discovers interesting ways to photograph the gorgeous scenery. And just so we’re clear, I did not use my iPhone to take this shot but I used my Nikon Z6II and Nikkor 14-24mm lens.

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