2021—Hummer of Summer

The perch I put in a pot of California Fuchsias near one of the hummingbird feeders has turned out to be a welcome resting place for the hummingbirds that visit my garden in summer and it’s very close to the flowers and the feeder. I didn’t recognize this bird and when I saw it resting on the perfectly placed perch early the other evening, so I grabbed my Nikon D6 with the Nikkor 500mmPF lens already attached for just this scenario and opened the patio door. It didn’t move so I stepped into the opening and the little hummer stayed put. I was about ten feet away when I took the first few shots shots. Then, because I had an extension tube on the lens, I knew I could get a couple of feet closer so I stepped outside and she sat still but looked straight into my lens. She’s a female Black-chinned Hummingbird. Identifying a female Black-chinned always stumps me. (Thank you, Moose 😊). I knew I had some because a few weeks ago I thought I saw a male at one of the feeders but the male Anna’s Hummingbird is very effective at keeping other hummers away from “his” feeders so I haven’t seen the male Black-chinned since.

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