2020—Foxy Lady

We drove though the Roosevelt Arch at the north entrance to the park Tuesday morning in search of wolves and instead found a Red Fox pursued by another photographer atop a small hill. The gorgeous vixen was mousing and not concerned about anything but the vole she was stalking. We drove by and turned around and watched from the vehicle when suddenly she was crossing the road in front of us and heading to the meadow. We photographed her for about half an hour as she pounced on at least five unsuspecting voles and emerged from the snow with her prey each time. She crossed the road near us a couple of times, once passing so closely between us as we stood on the side of the road that my camera couldn’t focus on her. What fascinated us about this Red Fox was that after each successful pounce, she carried the prey, legs and tail protruding from her jaws, and cached them in different areas of the meadow and the hillside behind us. She is apparently well fed so she was not hungry but she wasn’t taking any chances so she stored her food for future meals.

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