2020—All Hallow’s Eve

It’s Halloween, also known as All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints’ Day Eve. I did some light painting on a group of small decorative pumpkins that I found at the grocery store the other day. Instead of being all orange, they are mostly white with touches of orange, yellow, and green and I thought they made an interesting and kind of different Halloween subject.

One thought on “2020—All Hallow’s Eve

  1. Happy Halloween… When you said you did some “light painting” on the pumpkins my mind went to a sparse coat of paint. One, I wondered if you used white or orange paint & two, I was contemplating how you got them to look so natural. Then the light went on…. oh, the photographic term “light painting”.. I think I’ve been sitting around the house too long, I might have to be retrained as to where the shutter button is located.

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