2020—Sun and Smoke

It was about 7:45AM, well past sunrise Thursday morning, when I left home for my walk. Three steps out the door looking east through my Live Oak, the orange sky surrounding the fiery ball of the sun compelled me to go back inside for my camera. I didn’t take the time to change lenses so my Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 Micro lens was on my Nikon Z7. The EPA Air Quality app showed a rather suspicious AQI of 18 but with all the surrounding communities already registering over 100 AQI. Lately I’ve been going by the sniff test, though: if I can smell smoke, I don’t walk and this morning I couldn’t smell smoke despite the obvious particulate in the skies. Wednesday afternoon we were suddenly inundated with dense, choking smoke and temperatures soaring above 100°. Except for the sky’s appearance, the smoke from Wednesday seemed largely gone but it was predicted to return Thursday afternoon.