2020—The Nine-Hundred Foot Journey

The Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in Portland, Maine was built in 1897 to alert mariners to the dangerous Spring Point Ledge where many ships had gone aground. The lighthouse was not physically connected to the mainland until the early 1950s when a 900 foot granite breakwater was built. We visited the lighthouse at sunrise on Tuesday morning, shooting long exposures from the shoreline. With the sun still coloring the sky, we walked to the breakwater. My heart was pounding in my throat and my palms were sweaty from fear but I managed to walk from the shore across the giant granite blocks up to and around the lighthouse, then back to the shore without falling into a crevasse or dropping my camera. My friends offered encouragement all the way and gave me instructions on how to walk across the expanse of granite. I took this 53 second long exposure at the beginning of the breakwater using a tripod. We returned tripods to the vehicle and commenced the nine-hundred foot journey with just one camera and an extra lens in a pocket. Nikon Z7, Nikkor 24-200mm.

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