2020—Like a Big-a Pizza Pie

At 6:30AM Friday morning when I went out to get the newspaper, the full moon, setting in the west, was a shocking orange-red caused by the pervasive smoke spreading over Northern California mostly from the Glass Fire, our newest catastrophe to the west, and the Zogg Fire to the north. Looking at that orange-red orb, it all suddenly made sense to me after 67 years——the lyrics to “That’s Amore” that as a child had always baffled me: “When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie that’s amore.” I was 7 years old when that song was playing on the radio and since I’d never heard of pizza pie, I thought he was singing “piece of pie” and I couldn’t understand how the moon could ever look like a wedge of pie. Of course once I was introduced to pizza as a teen, I finally understood. And, Friday morning’s moon actually looked like a pepperoni pizza with lots of pizza sauce. Unfortunately, after I made that observation, the song has been an “earworm” playing over and over in my head. Nikon D6, Nikkor 500mm PF, Nikon TC 14EIII.

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