2020—Katydid or KatyDidn’t?

You never know when or where a photo opportunity might present itself. The other day I looked out the bay window at my garden and a moving spot of green caught my attention. A Katydid was crawling slowly across the window pane. I grabbed the D6 with the 500mm PF already attached but I had to stand ten feet away to get the Katydid in focus so I switched to my 105mm Micro lens. By this time, Katy was moving steadily across the pane. I had no time to get a tripod or attempt focus shift shooting so I kept shooting images until she disappeared around the window frame. It’s an interesting perspective, I think. Katydids don’t exactly have a cuteness factor going for them, but it’s not often you get a chance to see the underbelly of a bug. I lucked out because although the window was filthy with dust and ashes from the fires, the light was just right so that they didn’t create too much of a distraction. And, I have to say that the camera and a macro lens have given me the courage to photograph ugly creepy crawlers that a few years ago would have caused me to turn and walk, or run, away. So this is the ideal way for me to photograph a creepy crawler, through a windowpane!

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