2020—This Means War!!

I’ve worked hard to make my garden beautiful and bird friendly this summer. But it would seem not only are the birds finding it appealing but so are some unwelcome critters. When I looked at one of my hanging baskets that only yesterday contained a profusion of bright red petunias to see that it is now just a limp pile of shredded wilted flowers and the leaves are covered with the telltale droppings of Tobacco Bud Worms, I was ready for war! It took a while to find them. I eventually counted twelve that took less than a day to obliterate the large container of petunias. I suspect there were more but I pruned the plant ruthlessly and obliterated all that I found. I’m sure some were probably still on the stems. Before I did them in, though, I grabbed my 105mm macro lens and my Nikon Z7 and took some shots to document the devastating critters. Because I couldn’t decide which was the head (I suspect it’s the part attached to the leaf but they don’t seem to chew on the leaves, only the flowers) or the tail end, I took a few images shifting focus by hand, not in camera as I was hand holding, so I could combine the images into one image with the entire bud worm in focus.