2020—Cloudy Moon

Moon shots with clouds have always intrigued me but until last week I had never managed to photograph the moon with clouds. In Wyoming, I had an opportunity to photograph a Waxing Gibbous moon as clouds blew by it. Getting the shot was not an easy task because the winds were brisk, the clouds moved quickly, and I was using my Nikon Z6 and FTZ with the Nikkor 500mm PF and hand-holding. Keeping the long lens steady while pointing to the sky and positioning the moon in the viewfinder proved quite a challenge for me. While I searched for my subject in the viewfinder, my friend Richard would tell me how much time I had before the moon disappeared into the clouds. I took the photograph in black and white so the sky looked dark and it seemed to be nighttime although it was only late afternoon and the sun had not set.

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