Day Two of our Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Adventure got off to another great start. The wind was relentless and there were some gusts in excess of 50 MPH which was more than likely keeping the sheep hunkered in place. But, early in the morning, we found a small band of about a dozen ewes on the side of HWY 287 munching grasses at the edge of the roadway, close to where we saw them on Tuesday. As we watched the small group as it seemed to be trying to decide whether to cross the highway, one looked up to the craggy red rocks above then decided to stay instead of crossing. When we looked up, we saw another ewe at the top of the rocks, slowly making her way down. We trained our lenses on her, hoping she’d sprint down the sheer cliff side but instead she watched us with what appeared to be great curiosity. She never did go down the steep rock. Eventually, she turned and disppeared above us. Eventually, the small band that originally caught our attention followed her up the slope and disappeared.