2020—On the Beach

Last April I had a chance to participate in a workshop with Moose Peterson at Silver Strand State Beach, a narrow strip of sand on Coronado Peninsula that separates San Diego Bay from the Pacific Ocean. The workshop gave me a chance to practice one of my favorite types of bird photography, something I call Beach Panning. I lay flat on the sand and sometimes in the waves, photographing shorebirds with a long lens. It is exhilarating, especially when I am able to photograph birds I don’t get a chance to see often like this Marbled Godwit, and I get to see them down at their level. In this shot, the waves are breaking behind the Marbled Godwit as it roams the beach looking for tiny crustaceans and clams. I used my crop sensor NIkon D500 and the Nikkor 500mm PF so my focal length was 750mm.

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