2020—Minus 31 Degrees

The day started at minus 31 degrees. That is a mind-numbing temperature as well as finger-numbing, hand-numbing, whole-body numbing and as the thermometer dropped, we were at Winterberry Bog, part of the Sax-Zim Bog complex hoping to see the Barred Owl we’d photographed the day before. The Barred Owl did not make an appearance but I did get out of the vehicle and walked around so that I could experience that lung-freezing cold. It hurt to inhale! I didn’t expect to ever top last year’s minus 16 degrees in Dubois, Wyoming but the past couple of days at Sax-Zim Bog in Minnesota have much been colder than that. We stuck to our plan to search for other owls in the bog and an hour or so later, we saw the Northern Hawk Owl perched high atop a pine tree near a farm off Arkola Road. By this time, the outside temperature had risen to -17° and I managed to tolerate the sub-zero temperatures for about an hour before I had to retreat to the vehicle to get my beaver mittens. By 1PM, the temperature had risen to about 10° and by comparison with the earlier temperatures we were fairly comfortable. And, as if to reward our stamina, the Northern Hawk Owl had flown to a wire on the edge of the road and we were able to get much closer to photograph it.

One thought on “2020—Minus 31 Degrees

  1. We’ve been below zero lately and it is amazing how warm it feel even in the single digits. Last night I dreamed I had frost bitten fingers because I had to take my mittens off yesterday to bag Herbie’s poop and they were sooo cold.

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