2020—Boreal Owl

We went to Sax-Zim Bog in Minnesota to see owls. And, we saw owls—four new species of owl for me. During the first three days, we saw the Barred Owl and the Northern Hawk Owl a couple of times each and had time to photograph them. We saw a single Snowy Owl perched atop a distant hummock, too far away to photograph. But, the small Boreal Owl, which we knew had been sighted, eluded us until Friday morning when we stopped on the way to the Duluth Airport. We spent more than an hour and a half photographing the small, ten inch owl which was content to sit on a small branch overlooking a feeding station that drew other birds and rodents, potential meals for it. A Blue Jay screamed at it from a higher branch but most of the small birds and squirrels that visited the feeding station went about their business and ignored the owl.