2020—Morning Sky

The color of the morning sky at Bosque del Apache in December is gorgeous. And, when that sky is filled with Snow Geese leaving the ponds at the start of their day, it is even more spectacular.

One thought on “2020—Morning Sky

  1. I’ve enjoyed your photography as I love nature and birds especially too – I noticed you shot this with a Z6 – I just got one and while it seems to do landscape and still objects great, I’m struggling to get birds – with the adapter and a Nikon telephoto lens, it’s not doing well capturing focus – very slow and as I’m sure you know, slow isn’t good with moving targets or even stationary ones as birds won’t stay put for long. I was wondering about your experience with the Z6 – have you tried using it with a telephoto lens for close-up images of birds or other wildlife? I’d appreciate any input you might have. Wish I could afford the D5 – but that won’t be anytime soon😁 Thanks Belen

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