2019—Farewell to the Bighorns

Our trip to photograph Desert Bighorn Sheep is over and it is too soon. We started out early on our last morning in the Great Basin expecting to find our flock of about 90 individuals where we’d seen them descending from their lofty perches each morning previous but they were nowhere in sight. We drove further up Hwy. 95 than we’d gone before but saw not a single sheep. We thought they had moved to another location because it was well past time for them to be on the move. We turned around and headed back to pack the car and head home. I stared out the window at the cliffs whizzing by the car when suddenly I saw a magnificent ram perched on a small outcropping. “There’s one!” I shouted. We were lucky that he was posing for us across the highway from a large pullout on the side of the road above the lake. We leaned against the railing and photographed the ram. It was as if he’d stopped and waited to pose for us to say good-bye. The rest of the flock had already crossed the highway and made it down to the lake where they were drinking.