2019—On the Beach

We came prepared to do some “beach panning” in Monterey, toting our panning plates and Frisbees with us. That proved to be unnecessary when we found ourselves seated on the sand late one afternoon holding our cameras instead of laying prone with the cameras attached to the panning plates. It was much more comfortable to have my elbows resting on my knees, supporting my camera with long lens. We were entertained by several Black Turnstones, a lone Whimbrel and a lone Semi-palmated Plover, watching them wander up and down the beach in search of a late afternoon meal. The Semi-palmated Plover proved to be most cooperative as it scurried up and down the beach within sight of our lenses. This was the closest he came to me and there was no need for the teleconverter or High-speed crop. To photograph this tiny bird, I used the D5 and 500mm PF alone. We sat still on the sand and waited for the birds to come to us which they quickly did as we did not move or talk more than was necessary. That approach was just right so that the birds quickly adjusted to our presence and then ignored us.

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