2019—Peruvian Lily

Alstroemeria is a lovely flower.  I’ve never known it by any other name and it occured to me that such a lovely flower must have a common name.  So, I googled it and yes, indeed, Alstroemeria is commonly called Peruvian Lily.  I don’t know why I didn’t know that.  I”ve even once tried growing Alstroemeria without much success…mostly the result of my neglect, not the shortcomings of the Alstroemeria. Peruvian Lily is a much more enticing name for this gorgeous blossom.

The Peruvian Lily was one of the flowers I photographed using my 105mm macro lens and my Nikon D850 and its Stack Focus feature.  The files produced by a D850 are quite large and that is one thing that slowed the process down for me.  Another feature of the D850 allows for the selection of three different RAW file sizes so I thought maybe a smaller file size would work betterorac.  I experimented with the medium file size when I photographed the Peruvian Lily to see if the computer processing of the smaller images into a single image would be faster.  It was … a little.  And, when I finished, I realized that one of the petal is badly bruised.  I didn’t select a perfect blossom for my test.  And, I didn’t have a chance to retake the photographs with another blossom because I had to catch an airplane.  So, here is the Peruvian Lily, warts and all, after combining 50 images into one.

alstroemeria stack.jpg