2019—Twenty Nineteen!!

Happy New Year!  2019 begins the ninth year of  In Focus Daily.  And, the new year would be incomplete here at  In Focus Daily if I didn’t post a photograph of one of the Anna’s Hummingbirds that live in my backyard.   It has become my tradition to start the new year off with a hummingbird photograph.  I’m lucky to have year-round hummingbirds that live in my yard.   This is Homer, or Homer Junior, or maybe it’s Homer III by now.  In any event, it is a male Anna’s Hummingbird.  After voicing his displeasure at my presence and buzzing me in a close fly-by, he settled on a branch and just peered at me.  It was extremely blustery on New Year’s Eve and I was unable to capture any in focus flight shots but because I used my D500 with the 500mm lens, I was able to get fairly close to him (at 750mm) while he posed.