2018—Bath Time for Bobo

One of Bobo’s favorite things is to get a spray bath.  I have a small, bright yellow spray bottle that I use only for Bobo’s baths and when she sees it, she immediately scrambles out of her cage door, races across the top, steps down the ladder leading to the countertop, and runs to the edge of the kitchen sink to await her bath.   Sadly for Bobo, over the past few days, I have been using “her” spray bottle for another purpose (spraying water drops onto grass leaves if you’ve seen my recent posts) and she has been denied her beloved bath time.  I’m done using the spray bottle for water drops for the time being and when I picked it up to put it away Saturday morning, she barely looked at it.  For several days, I had left it in full view on the countertop and I suppose she had stopped associating it with a bath.  But I spritzed her as she stood atop her cage and she remembered.  She scrambled down the ladder and ran to the edge of the sink to get a proper soaking.

Bobo bath.jpg

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