2018— Starburst At Desert View

There is an interesting stone structure at Desert View in the eastern edge of the south rim of the Grand Canyon, a watchtower designed and built by architect Mary Colter in 1932 in the style of Ancestral Puebloan towers.  Visitors can climb the circular staircase inside the structure for stunning views of the canyon. In this view, the setting sun is visible as a starburst through a window of an adjoining crumbling structure, the watchtower on the right.

LA GC  Desert View 0073-1.jpg

One thought on “2018— Starburst At Desert View

  1. Great choice of technique and place. The small aperture for the star effect & the placement of the sun in the scene. May I suggest cropping out the small blue triangle in the upper right. Either in or down or a combination of both, it drags the eye up there & gives the tower a more tilted look. If you used the perspective controls in LR to straighten the tower up a bit it would probably go away and level the stones a bit too. It’s far enough away from the main focus of the photo that it wouldn’t change the content. It’s an intriguing shot & dealing with that triangle would strengthen it.

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