On Friday, I accompanied my friend Barbara to her family’s cabin at Clear Lake, a place I haven’t visited in more than 50 years.  We sat on the deck in what was left of the afternoon sunlight and ate our lunch, enjoying the sounds of jays and woodpeckers and watching flotillas of buffleheads and coots.  A great egret and  a great blue heron flew by and I saw a non-breeding spotted plover, a bird I’d seen in full breeding plumage in Churchill, Canada six months ago.  A fisherman startled the flotillas of birds that we were watching and they flew off temporarily, but the view remained serene and beautiful.


One thought on “2017—Serenity

  1. This is perfection- I’d like to be sitting right there with you! BTW, I think the days of you saying you can’t do landscape are over- this is beautiful!!!

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