2017—Another Point Of View

Being so close to and surrounded by Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese in Bosque del Apache, it’s possible to photograph these fascinating creatures from another point of view.  As they flew toward us and over our heads, instead of ducking to avoid unwelcome droppings from the flock, we aimed our camera overhead.  For me it was a new way to photograph birds and provides interesting, and in some cases stunning, results.  This Sandhill Crane flew into my frame and quickly out again.  I never captured the entire bird in the frame because it was too close to my lens.  However, because his right wing is clipped at the wing equivalent of a wrist and the feet are clipped above the knee, this photograph does not have what is termed an awkward crop.  It is a rather dramatic depiction of the bird from a different perspective.  It’s exciting to see these birds pass overhead and to see this in the viewfinder.

Crane looking up at.jpg

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