2017—Foraging Trio

Wednesday was a good day for big game in Montana.  We spent the entire day just outside Yellowstone National Park near Gardner, Montana on a service road.  We saw pronghorn, bison, big horned sheep, mule deer,  white tailed deer, and bald eagles.  Most of these animals were so close, I was filling the frame with my subjects, and often,  I was not able to get more than a head in the frame.

At mid morning, we encountered our first herd of bison foraging near the road.   I was riding shotgun with Jake and the bison were so close to me that he stopped his vehicle on the far side of the road so I wouldn’t be so dangerously close and so that I could get a photograph with my 600mm lens.  This trio was so intent on foraging that they never even looked up at me, only a few feet away, my lens resting on the window frame.

Bison Trio.jpg

2 thoughts on “2017—Foraging Trio

  1. Cool shot! Love that you were in Gardiner- that’s where my grandson went to school (right near the arch.). Have fun!

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