2017—The Wind And The Sun

It seems so simple and so obvious but sometimes it takes a while for things to sink into  my brain.  Moose reminded us that birds, like airplanes, take off into the wind which was quite brisk on Thursday in and around Fort Myers, FL where we were based.  When they fly into the wind, large birds like brown pelicans, tend to fly slowly, making for lots of opportunities to photograph them.  With the wind behind us and the sun behind us as well, it was perfect  conditions for flight practice.  Again and again, the brown pelicans flew toward us and over our heads as we stood on the Sanibel Island Fishing Pier practicing.  They were often so close that I clipped the wings.  The Florida brown pelican’s head feathers are turning yellow meaning it’s getting its breeding plumage.

Florida brown pelican 2


Florida brown pelican 1

landing pelican 1Florida brown pelican splashing down