2016—With The Greatest Of Ease

They flew through the air with the greatest of ease…and they didn’t need a trapeze to help them.  A troop of white faced capuchin monkeys that we encountered one afternoon  in Costa Rica, needed to get across the road.  As we watched in awe, one after the other climbed to the chosen “launch” branch then effortlessly leapt  across the chasm landing in a tree about 15 feet away.  Monkey after monkey sailed across the road without a mishap.  What a fascinating spectacle to watch.  In the last shot, a family unit is reunited after mother and child leapt across the span together.


Costa Rica Day 2-9020

Costa Rica Day 2-8961

Costa Rica Day 2-9023

Costa Rica Day 2-8998Costa Rica Day 2-9000

Costa Rica Day 2-8925

Costa Rica Day 2-8932


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