2015—Carrières de Lumières

The Carrières de Lumières, a former limestone  quarry in Les Baux de Provence, France, produces art-based multimedia shows that project images of famous paintings set to music.  When I was in France in late 2014, we visited the Carrières de Lumières to see Klimt en Vienne, a show that included Gustav Klimt masterpieces as well as some of his Viennese contemporaries.   Seeing these magnificent works of art projected onto the walls and floors of this enormous quarry, and being completely surrounded by them, is an unforgettable experience that is almost impossible to describe.  Over the weekend, I watched Woman in Gold starring Helen Mirren, one of my favorite actresses, and was reminded that Klimt’s Woman in Gold, which is actually titled Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer,  was one of the masterpieces featured in the Carrières de Lumières show we saw.  I have never featured any of the photos I took there in this blog, so I created a slide show set to Ave Maria by Franz Schubert.  The slide show can only hint at the incredible awe-inspiring experience of a show at the  Carrières de Lumières.   I had to use a high ISO and slow shutter speed to capture these photos and some aren’t in sharp focus.  Many of the people seen in these shots are blurred silhouettes as they moved past my shutter but my traveling companions Joe, Donna, and Charleen appear in a few of the shots and there are even a couple of silhouettes of me as I snapped photos. 

3 thoughts on “2015—Carrières de Lumières

  1. Oh I LOVE this! Perfect music to accompany all the art- so, so beautiful! I really see now how a slideshow can make you feel you have been there- much more than a few single images. I know I’ll never be there to see this in person, but now I feel like I’ve been there. Thank you! (Ps I’ve seen the movie too- more than once- and loved it- glad you did too! )

  2. What a nice Christmas present… thanks. Next time the photo club has slide shows you already have a good one prepared. Some of those individual images with a sharp people presence would make strong entries for the People category.

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