2015—(un)Intentional Camera Movement

Intentional Camera Movement, or ICM, is just that…movement of the camera, with purpose, to get an effect other than what is usually expected from a camera and lens, i.e., an in focus photograph of a subject.  I have tried it on occasion and actually liked the results.  One example is the shot I got in a local park and posted here in my blog.   That was intentional.  Sometimes, it is unintentional but it still can have an interesting result.  Last Sunday while I was at Gibson Ranch photographing the Cyclocross, I took several photos unintentionally, as I dodged raindrops and watched for mud puddles.  My gloved finger was depressing the shutter release without my feeling it.  When I viewed those photographs of the muddy green and yellow grass with a few oak leaves strewn about, I decided the unintentional camera movement resulted in interesting abstract photographs.  I edited them in one of the Topaz Impressions Cave Dweller filters.




2 thoughts on “2015—(un)Intentional Camera Movement

  1. Well Carol Ann- I agree with Arthur- really interesting and creative! I think I like the bottom one best.

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