2015—Red Rose Petals

A couple of weeks ago, when I did the “Save The Date” shoot on and around the Tower Bridge in Old Sacramento, Katie, my able assistant, directed the group to an alley behind The Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento. The alley was lined with brick walls and one brick wall had an old barn door that made a great background. Heidi blew rose petals as Cody looked on adoringly and they kissed while Katie and my friend Cindy showered them with red petals. The red rose petals popped after I turned the photographs to black and white at Cindy’s suggestion. The second shot is a composite so I could get the best of the rose petals without obscuring their faces. These are two of my favorite images from the evening.

Heidi & Cody-9044

Heidi & Cody-9059-Edit-3

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