2015—Da Vinci Meets Banksy

Joe, a “Customer Happiness Specialist” at Topaz Labs made me happy yesterday by fixing my registration blunder and allowing me to finally access Topaz Impression, one of the pieces of the software bundle I purchased at the Gold Rush PSA meeting on Sunday. I may never have to take another photograph! What fun it is to play with Topaz Impression. And I have only scratched the surface. It converts any photograph to look like a painting or sketch in oil or charcoal or pastel or pencil on just about any surface. There are infinite modifications to each preset. I chose one of the Da Vinci Sketch filters and applied it to this shot of Mariposa, the Harris’s Hawk. Then, I tried one of the Urban Street Art filters. Et voilà! Da Vinci meets Banksy! I think I like the Banksy version best.

I decided to post both images to show the range of this software and how it can instantaneously transform a photograph to be something else entirely. To see my original photograph click here.



4 thoughts on “2015—Da Vinci Meets Banksy

  1. Wow. you keep that up & you’ll run out of wall space soon if you print the ones you like. Nice results, I like the drama of the Da Vinci.

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