I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new Zenelli Gimbal Head so that I can better control Big Bertha. She seems to have a mind of her own when it comes to moving deftly on the BH-55 Ball Head. I can’t seem to strike a balance between moving the lens smoothly toward my subject and placing the subject appropriately in the frame. A closeup of a hummer at the feeder continues to elude me and even my bathing shots went awry this morning. As I struggled with Big Bertha, I couldn’t seem to fine tune the composition to my liking so I worked on focus and exposure which, ultimately. I’m happy about. Because the light was poor, I upped the ISO in the first three to 6400. I shot that last two at ISO 1600 and 2500.

I had to crop the bathing shots for a decent composition but at least they have some gesture. The first three shots are of the female hummer. The last two shots are of the male hummer. A Flickr challenge from a few days ago is “Ruffles or Ridges” so I decided the ruffled feathers on the hummer’s head and neck qualify for that challenge.

hummers 600-1759

hummers 600-1761

hummers 600-1774

hummers 600-1718

hummers 600-1784

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