2015—Looks Can Be Deceiving

Even I’m starting to get bored with some of my hummingbird shots. They are so repetitious and the light is so poor when I shoot them that they are hardly interesting. I’m happy that I’m managing to get decent focus but I need to take my friend Richard’s suggestion to get out the Better Beamer that we used in Costa Rica to illuminate the darkness of the rain forest. He suggests it might add a little pizazz to my hummingbird photographs. But, I’ll try that another time.

I’m still practicing with Big Bertha and trying to get used to the heft and feel of her as I pan and shift the ball head. I have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time so this action is proving quite difficult for me. I’m trying to picture myself carrying the entire massive contraption including the tripod on my shoulder and walking through the rain forest or through a snowbank or across a rocky precipice. My fellow photographers all did it so I’m hopeful that I’ll be up to the challenge before I head to Alaska in November. I hope that time and practice will be my friend and also that the gimbal head arrives soon. I hope I’m not expecting too much from the gimbal head, but time will tell.

As I reviewed the shots I took of the male hummer on Thursday morning, I wondered what would happen if I aligned and blended them in Photoshop like I do with some of my macro shots. I was tickled with the outcome. These are four separate shots of a single bird, the male hummer. I blended two shots into each composite. I found that when I tried to add a third shot, one with the hummer laying in the water on the fountain, only parts of that bird were visible and crucial parts, like the beak and part of the head, disappeared. So, for now, I’m happy with two blended into one. I love the magic of Photoshop.

Closeup Hummer-1211-Edit

Closeup Hummer-1219-Edit

2 thoughts on “2015—Looks Can Be Deceiving

  1. Always enjoy your fountain shots! These are cute with your composited bummers; Photoshop truly is magic!

  2. I’m surprised they blended so well with the birds in motion. The blending in the top photo leaves no clue it’s a composite, in the lower photo you get the hint of an extra wing in the flying bird, it’s an interesting effect.

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