2015—More Bathing Bushies

The little bushtits who spend most of their time in the oak tree in front of my house, arrived Tuesday evening to bathe in the backyard fountain. At one point, there were nine bathing at once but I couldn’t fit them all into the viewfinder! I had lots of wingtips and tails. I had set the D800 to high speed crop mode which, in effect, turns the camera into a DX camera. Add to that the 1.4x teleconverter and the 600mm lens, and the focal length is about 1200mm. From my patio doorway to the bubble in the fountain, the distance is 29 feet. These shots are not cropped.

The little bushies are only about a half inch larger (and a bit stockier) than the hummers so they are tiny little birds. I love their intense stares as they concentrate on their baths. They appear to be staring right into the lens which may be, as the seven inch diameter lens is really hard to miss! The males have black eyes and the females have a yellow cornea that makes them appear angry all the time.






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