2015—And The Beets Go On

Not exactly what Sonny and Cher had in mind, I know, but their words came to mind in a manner of speaking when I prepared the beets for a beet and goat cheese salad this past weekend when my friend Honora came to visit. It was only after I had roasted the red, gold, and white beets, sliced them wafer thin on the mandolin, and marinated them in a walnut oil vinaigrette with chives from my garden that I found out that Honora hates beets. They make her gag. I understand. It’s the way I feel about English peas. So, we discussed what to do with the beets, and we decided they looked good enough to photograph. But by then, we were working on our second glass of wine and by the time I took these, I wasn’t particularly careful with my composition or focus. I’m happy to report that Honora did try the salad and she said she enjoyed it… and, she cleaned her plate.

untitled shoot-8754

One thought on “2015—And The Beets Go On

  1. LOL! I personally LOVE beets and was going to make a very similar recipe a couple weeks ago- but they didn’t have any red beets at Fry’s that day- only gold. The colors threw me off, so I didn’t buy them. Love the colors in this shot- very appealing!

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